You are of Lebanese origin, or you are a friend of Lebanon wishing to communicate with fellow Lebanese or simply understand their conversations, is
for you.

You are a business-man, the Lebanese spoken language will be your passport to the entire Middle-East.
If you want to learn Lebanese, you are here at the right place. Whether you call it Lebanese Arabic, Lebanese dialect, or Lebanese language, with you can learn the living Lebanese language the way it is spoken and used every day. is simple and pleasant to use. Whether you are a pure novice, or you already know and speak the basics of the Lebanese language, you will tremendously benefit from
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Lebanese parents and teachers can also use as a guide for teaching the fundamentals of spoken Lebanese.

If you are a teacher or a parent, will save you the enormous effort of finding the right words to teach, the right way to write them, and the appropriate conversations and rules to apply them.

It will also provide your students or children with simple and leisurely interactive exercises as well as the conversational audios which they can listen to and repeat at will.